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Even in the semi-final game Marsilio put rookies and second stringers in to get them some experience.

Tonight was all about the starters and the Capitals didn’t really need it since at almost no time did they fall behind in points. In several huddles Marsilio and Nemeth didn’t even talk. They have both said they finish each others sentences and use nonverbal cues a lot.

Do you recognize coming into a new community (work, or city or football team) and really needing time to adapt, learn and understand how these people do their jobs, how they do their trainings.

It is about tools, but i think it certainly is also about language and is definately also a dimension that is under negotiation all the time.

When you are looking to churn some water and call up a few aggressive strikes, our Pro Blade™ will get the job done!

The flashy double-wing blade will spit, gurgle, wake and bulge with appeal that fishes can’t ignore.

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York Capitals win the AIFL Championship Game against the Chicago Blitz 58-30.Isaac Carn simply said “We got the water up.” He looked like a man that had been put through a ringer and that was before the game started.The roller coaster of emotions had lead his York Capitals to the Championship Game no easy task for any of the teams players or staff.I’ve found these dimensions very usefull in consulting about communities, exploring its value for the organization. More important: what are we not going to talk about?The three dimensions are: entails the subject of the community, the “domain of interest”. Deciding what the domain is of a community is often a proces of negotiation among its (potential) members.

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